When schools are funded equitably and fairly:

When families have access to more programming before, during, and after school:

When more classrooms are led by leaders and teachers of color who feel supported:

DC Students


Our Values

Students come first.

Families are our best partners.

Equity and quality are key.

Education leaders need flexibility.

Choice is integral to success.

DC needs education leaders who live these values.

Fund schools equitably to support students

For students to thrive at school and in life, school funding must be robust and equitable. Mayor Bowser has proposed a historic 5.9 percent increase in school funding and promised to ensure schools do not receive less than last year.

That’s a great start to ensuring DC students succeed.

Now, it’s time to fund schools equitably by increasing funding for students designated as at-risk and students who are English Language Learners.

Equitable School Funding Graphic

Attract, support, and retain Black and brown education talent

DC outpaces most other states in employing teachers of color: 62 percent of DC teachers are teachers of color, compared to 29 percent nationally. However, DC’s teacher diversity still falls short compared to DC’s student diversity, where 90 percent of students are students of color.

It’s time to do more, much more, to make DC schools places that attract and retain Black and brown education talent. Critically, Black and brown educators must feel supported with strong career paths

Black and Brown Educator Graphic

Expand joyful, fun extracurricular experiences

Dance, French tutoring, basketball, morning meditation, Amnesty International, poetry, ultimate frisbee, coding, creative writing, step, and orchestra are some of the joyful, fun extracurriculars that DC schools offer for students to find their joy and passion in life and learn a new skill.

Yet opportunities are not available in all schools and many students cannot access a program that matches their interests.

It’s time to ensure more programs are available across all schools and to eliminate barriers to participation, including transportation, costs, and access to information.

Joyful Extracurricular Experiences Graphic
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