When schools are funded equitably and fairly:

When families have access to more programming before, during, and after school:

When more classrooms are led by leaders and teachers of color who feel supported:

DC Students


We are a group of over 40 education, health, and community organizations dedicated to ensuring success for DC students.

The District’s investments in education have made a positive impact, but the pandemic – and interrupted learning – has widened opportunity gaps for Black and brown students. DC’s 2024 budget must prioritize education and well-being for these students and address long-term inequities, rising costs, and the strain on schools and staff – particularly those students at-risk of academic failure and the educators who teach them.

Instead of embracing austerity and dismantling the supports that keep students and families above water and move them to higher ground, we are fighting for increased investments in our students, schools and communities and a long-term commitment to live our values of equity, justice, and opportunity for all.

 Learn more about our priorities, and join us in the campaign to help DC students succeed.


Icon of a graduation cap, with a dollar sign to the left.

Truly invest in DC’s students.

Empower families.

Icon of a traditional school building, with a checkmark atop the right side of the icon.

Expand access to quality facilities.

Icon of a book that is open, parted at the middle, with a lightbulb floating above it.

Enhance early literacy programs.

Icon of a head, facing to the left, with a heart placed in the center of the graphic.

Prioritize mental health support.

A crest featuring the front of school bus inside, with a stop sign to the left of the bus.

Ensure student safety.

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