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black children writing in notebooks

Truly Invest in DC Students

  • Ensure school funding keeps up with inflation
  • Prioritize students who need the most support
  • Protect and enhance the per-student funding formula
Black boy reading a paper

PK-5 Literacy Programs and Data-Driven Support

  • Support funding for PK-5 literacy programs
  • Push for data-driven solutions
  • Empower Black and brown students and their families

black boy and white girl examining an educational tarantula

Create a True School Facilities Funding Program

  • Maintain and increase public charter school facilities funding
  • Reuse former school sites
  • Modernize schools
Elementary students cross with help of a crossing guard

Ensure the Safe Passage of Students

  • Enhance the Kids Ride Free program
  • Develop alternate methods of transportation
  • Center the needs of Black and brown students
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