Truly invest


PK-12 students in the District deserve a fair opportunity to reach their full potential and succeed in both school and life. The responsibility to provide the necessary resources for this success falls on the District, and this must be done equitably and robustly for both DC Public Schools and public charter schools, with a focus on Black and brown students from historically underserved communities.

In 2022, policymakers made a historic increase in school funding, which was a positive step forward. And Mayor Bowser has come out strongly in favor of including additional support, tied to the increase in inflation, that will protect the resources students need, even with a loss of federal pandemic relief funds.

  • To ensure all students have access to the resources they need, the DC Council must support Mayor Bowser’s proposal to increase per-student funding at least at the rate of inflation, with even greater increases for students who require additional support in the classroom.
  • All annual and supplemental education funding should be allocated through the per-student formula, so that every student receives a full investment in their future. 
  • Ten years after the last funding adequacy study, the District has yet to meet its targets for funding At-Risk students. As it considers the new adequacy study, the District must ensure that it is moving towards funding adequacy for all students in the upcoming budget.
  • The District must also create a P-20 data system to measure and utilize information on student college and career readiness and outcomes. This information will provide valuable insight into how best to support students and help them succeed.
  • Finally, the District must conduct a new student funding adequacy study and implement its recommendations. Strong and equitable school funding is crucial for the success of DC students. By investing more in education and making sure these investments are equitable, the District can give students the resources they need to succeed in school and life.

The time to act is now, and the District must take bold steps to guarantee that all DC students have access to quality education and reinforce the funding foundation that will protect and grow these essential investments for years to come.

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