The emotional well-being of our students is crucial, and the District government must provide necessary funding to support it. Mental health is as important as physical health, and we must work together to ensure students receive the necessary support. To achieve this, the District must fully fund the proposed school-based mental health program.

To provide the best support for our students, it’s essential that DCPS and public charters collect data on student well-being and create a framework to support those who need help. This data can help us understand student needs and tailor support accordingly. With proper funding, the school-based mental health program can provide comprehensive and evidence-based services that can make a significant impact in students’ lives.

Investing in mental health support in schools is an investment in our future. Mental health is critical to a student’s overall well-being and success, and we must ensure students receive the necessary resources to thrive. Whether it’s through counseling, education, or other resources, the District’s budget should provide the means to support students quickly, thoroughly, and meaningfully. 

By fully funding the school-based mental health program and collecting and responding to student well-being data, the District can make a meaningful commitment to students’ mental health that will improve their lives and create a brighter future for all of them.

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