Who We Are

DC Students Succeed is an initiative on a mission to ensure that DC students are successful in school and in life.

We believe that students come first and that their needs must be at the center of our work. Simply put, we work in service of students, especially Black and brown students. DC Students Succeed brings together individuals — students, families, DC residents — and organizations in support of creating excellent and equitable public schools for all students.


And we’re just getting started because when DC students succeed, DC succeeds.


Students come first.

Students’ needs are at the center of our work — especially those of Black and brown students. We work in the service of students.

Families are our best partners.

Families know what’s best for their students and their voices are critical to making positive change. We center family voices in our work and amplify Black and brown families’ views.

Equity and quality are key.

Every student should receive a great public education at a school that is right for them. We advocate for the decisions, policies, and resources rooted in equity and quality.

Education leaders need flexibility.

Education leaders are experienced experts. We support giving leaders greater flexibility, so they can bring creative approaches to teaching and learning.

Choice is integral to success.

Students, families, and educators are set up for success when they can choose the school that will help them achieve their dreams.

DC needs education leaders who live these values.

We identify and support education leaders — inside and outside of schools — who are supportive of our vision and values.


We’re a growing coalition, and your support will make this coalition stronger. Join us.

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