Mayor’s UPSFF increase is a big step in the right direction

February 14, 2024

(Washington, DC) – The DC Students Succeed campaign released the following statement in reaction to the 12.4 percent increase in the per-student funding formula announced yesterday by Mayor Bowser:

“The DC Students Succeed coalition applauds Mayor Bowser’s continued commitment to making investments in our students, schools, leaders, and educators a top budget priority year after year. The 12.4 percent increase in the Uniform Per Student Funding Formula (UPSFF) announced today goes a long way to support schools as they work to keep students engaged and on track to thrive—especially as our schools face academic, attendance, and fiscal challenges in the wake of the pandemic. We are further encouraged to see the funding necessary to support all our public school students and educators being distributed equitably through the per-student formula.

DC faces tough fiscal constraints, and as a coalition, we will continue to work with our elected officials to show up for DC students with additional resources that combat the chronic absenteeism that is undermining their futures and keep them supported, engaged, and successful. The DC Students Succeed coalition is calling on DC leaders to prioritize the following in the forthcoming Fiscal Year 2025 budget:

  • Fund Schools Equitably – Well-resourced schools are more likely to offer students academically rigorous material, presenting challenging coursework that keeps students interested in school and improves academic outcomes, especially for those who are furthest away from opportunity. Students are safer, happier, and more engaged in healthy and inspiring spaces. The mayor’s announcement is a big step in this direction.
  • Drive Academic Achievement – Our children are more likely to be engaged and persistent in their education when their schools prepare them for the future. We must prepare students for academic success through an expansion of DC’s science-based literacy initiatives.
  • Strengthen Postsecondary Outcomes – Students are more likely to attend school when they can relate to what they learn, feel like they have a voice in what they learn, and can envision their future. It is critical that every student has access to experiences that expose them to and prepare them for college and careers – regardless of their background, ward or sector. We must engage students in their futures through increased access to diversified post-secondary pathways for all students.

Read the letter the coalition sent in November outlining its priorities to Mayor Bowser here.

We recognize that investments in education will not work in a silo. Good health, access to transportation, housing stability, and community safety also play an important role in ensuring that students are at school and ready to learn and that our educators are able to focus on the critical task of preparing our next generation for college and careers. We must continue DC’s track record of equity-driven investments that our policymakers have made in the whole child, whole school, and whole community by supporting and investing in public safety, mental and physical health, health care, access to safe housing, reliable transportation, and healthy food.

We look forward to reviewing the mayor’s full FY2025 budget proposal in the coming weeks and working together to ensure DC students succeed.”




































































































































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